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Postby backline » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:42 am

Wow Jerome, not just a pretty face, but you can cook as well :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Postby Sergey » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:23 am

Well, the the time had come for my first run to the deep on my own.

The morning started a touch cold abd very wet. Having had a busy week i was preparing the boat until 2am and got up at 5am. Setting up last few things i realised the boats trolling board is not going to work right with my gear. So on to the mods. Eventually left home at 8, filled up and went to Millers.

Launching at Millers was spectacular. First a boat returned from the point saying the temps are 11.5degrees and raining quite thick. Listening to this feedback, in the rain, while angry that i am launching so late made for a cocktail of emotions as to - "to go or not to go". Eventualky i decided to launch. The spectacular part came from me leaving out the bungs. As i got the boat in the water i realised that i had not unclipped the winch. Getting out to undo the winch, i thought, what else did i forget? Bungs!!!!! So i pulled the boat up and drained a bit of water which was in it. Bungs in, winch free, off we go....

Running to the point, only the left side of my right ball did not get wet. I was soaked and pretty re-freshed...which with 3 hours sleep was a good thing.

The water at the point was dreary. 11.4deg - dead. So i ran straight through on a heading of about 240deg. Looking for temps and current. The first niticable current line came up about 10NM off. Water went up to 13.5deg and just stayed there. Few miles later i saw another more prominent line. As i crossed it the temps started pushing up real good, 14-15-16-17-18.6deg in a few hundrwd meters (given the transducer delay). Brown birds were looking all over and the water generally looked like there was life in it.

Becasue my boat is a rib and i am still getting through the ropes of a good setup, i did not go greedy on the geaR. Two rods with birds port and starboard most and diver in the centre. Trolling 7-10kph. The birds were well far out. The diver just behind and below them. After about 15-20min the Stbd Tiagra went Grrr and nothing. Something smacked the bird or the squid skirt. Two minutes later got a Grr on the Port Tiagra. Few minutes later i see the diver reel spoolig out - bang - fiah on, forgot to put ratchet on so it ran quiet.

Picked up the rod and felt FISH ON. Not too big by the feel. Maybe a small longy. Got thw fiah to the boat and BAM colour, yellow fin!!! Being on a RIB, the gaffing technique of "splish splash puncture the boat" is forbidden on my boat. So slowly, with fish circling i picked the moment and gaffed him neat and tidy base of the head. Cut, bleed (didnt do a perfect job, some blood was left for kitchen sink). I looked around, thanked the almighty for the gift, packed in and ran home as i got what i wanted and did not need more.

Comparing the gaffing lift and trying to lift the fish for a photo, it is clear how strong one is on adrenalin. I gaffed it on hand, hold rapala leader other hend and lift in - easy. I struggled to holed the fish up for photos:)))) A baby YF of about 25-30kg, at sea it felt like 10kg:)

Runjing back was great. Flat seas. Full ttaps to test the props. The 13.25inch 13pitch SS cupped props ran out at 33knits at 5900-6100rpm. My STBD engine does not get same top end rpm as port. Need to look at that. The throttle levers are also a bit dysyncronised. Need to look into that too. Fuel used was a very pleasant 47l for 50NM trip. Boat had two men, gear, 60l spare fuel and odds and ends.

All in all an amazing trip. Left at 10, on land at 3. Tuna in hatch.

The fish is also the first fish caught from this boat, so a good maiden voyage:))


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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Postby Bollie » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:38 am

Very good report my friend, boat looks awesome. :thumbup:
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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Postby Sergey » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:51 pm

Thanks Walter!! I must still swing by to sign that paper. Will give you a buzz in the week.
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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Postby jpet » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:17 am


Nice report

Well done and congrats on your boat and also a beautiful fish

May there be abundant fish caught on your boat - Well done - enjoy

Where about did you get the fish ? ( co ordinates ?)
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