Yellowfin news 2018

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by jpet » Fri May 18, 2018 6:07 am

Tuna outing : Wednesday 16 May

Our plans started a while back , in fact last week I was over in Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean and just hoping that when I get back to the fairest Cape ,myself and the crew of URISHA could just have a go at the tuna. My mental planning started last week - what are we going to do ? where are we going to fish ? how will we handle the fish ? what aspects do I need to focus on a bit more .So as time drew nearer to me coming to the Cape I had lots of vivid dreams of going to catch some tuna.My brain was running wild with ideas and man can one get carried away at times.On the flight to SA I even fell asleep on the plane and dreamt I was running out deep when all of a sudden I was jolted awake as the plane hit a patch of turbulence .

Back to the real scenario - our day started fairly late.So after loading the boat with gear , bait and ice at the mooring , we left the mooring at about between (08:30 - 09:00)
My plan was to first run out 25/00 and then check and maybe head further west etc.After arriving at our destination about at 11 o'clock we milled around and did a bit of trolling and searching and not finding any marks on the sounder and no signs of that elusive tuna at all
Water temp was sitting at 18.3 and things were looking a bit bleak on our side.

Prior to arriving at our destination I had the crew to prepare all the chum and bait and emphasized to them how import it was for us to get our stuff sorted -
From lessons learn on our previous outing - Then we were ill prepared and had semi to frozen bait ,which did not help us at all.This outing I was determined to make 100% sure that our bait and chum was tip top condition and ready to lure and catch those tunas that we came for.

Our search continued for a while but not long we were call on Kavi .Our good friend Miles told us to make a turn as there was some activity in the vicinity where they were. At this stage I punched in the numbers and realized its about 20 NM from my current location.My heart sank as I thought of another 20nm run , however I quickly checked myself and reminded myself that if the seasoned TUNA Whisperer calls you over - his not calling you over to have friendly chat about cars .....

So off we shot to the numbers which was 09/32 deep in the west.
Upon arrival there was a span of boats out there and I then proceed to maintain a very far distance away from the experienced guys -I don't want to run into anyones chum trail that they invested their time , effort and bait into .So We moved far away from the boats out there and I observed what they were doing , how they were drifting and the general jist of things . I for one did not want to rush in and upset anyone and eventually we located a spot away from the rest of the boats.

Myself and my crew started chumming and baiting in all earnest.All was set - 3 bait lines out and chumming ongoing.Now we encounter just one small problem - you guessed - we were harassed by the birds who took advantage of our isolated position away from the rest of the boats .They were diving at our chum and bait as quick as we could put it out .Realizing our mistake to be so far away and be a target for the birds we up lines and moved a bit closer to the pack.

At last we found that we had no birds to disturb our chumming and baiting.We had our our "piece of land" (sea) to chum

Now I have always and often heard Miles use and say those very famous words - the phrased that Miles coined saying - " ...if you chum they will come..."
Myself having fished on Dr Fish , I have seen how it worked however I had yet to see and make it happened on my own boat.
My entire crew was and is new to tuna fishing and gave me questioning looks when they saw the 9 boxes (5 kg boxes ) of sardine we took with. What are we going to do with all this bait ? are we taking bait with for the other boats ?- those was the questions they asked - I then told them to relax it was our bait and they soon will find out where we will get to use it.Just wait and see guys......Nevertheless when I asked them to chum - they chummed - and we all chummed - I to took my turn at chumming also whilst the 3 crew members each manned a baited rod. Skipper had to lead by example right !!!!. During our chumming session we felt that we were just going thru a ritual but we still needed to be convinced that this actually can work for us.All the time whilst chumming I kept a sharp eye on the sonar but the sonar screen stared back at my with a blank blue silent empty face.Not even a sign of fish .Nothing at all.I encouraged my team /crew to continue and we chummed some more. Get another box ready guys !!!! - All the time defrosting and making sure we had a steady stream of chum going - And even more important that the bait was not frozen (from lessons learnt on my previous outing ) , but firm ,shiny and as attractive as possible. Eventually we all set into a kind of a chumming rythym and kept it going until the slick that came from our boat looked like a oil tanker that was leaking.Even with all this chumming still nothing happened.Desperate to at least have some action or get a strike I told my chum man at that time just to finish off the last chum in the bucket and then we will up lines and troll and hope for a strike or at least a mark on the sonar.At this stage my inner self told me keep chumming against my very own will.The signs of boats starting up and heading all into different direction certainly was not an encouraging sight. By now we were all almost ready to throw in the towel on this chumming idea .My crew was definitely not sold on the chumming thing - not at all ! and secretly we all kept looking at the bucket to check if it was empty already."...This was really boring , repetitive with no fish - what the heck ? ..." - I could just imagine some newbie crew member think .I did explain to my crew that at times we will have to make the call to stop chumming and to troll , and look for a long liner or get hooked up on the backlines etc. We were all consumed with idle chatter and wishing that the chum bucket was empty already when all of a sudden - It happened ....after almost 1.5 hours of chumming.

Like a bat out of hell - the sound of a Tiagra reel screaming awoke us to the present and instictively I moved myself towards this screaming real .It was as if we all awoke from a deep slumber . I nudged foward the lever drag just to slow and keeping the run of the fish in check .We all realize that this was fish on - well and truely VAS !!! - Vas manne ! VAS ! Vas ! - the hook was certainly set and once I was certain it was all good ,handed over to our first newbie to proceed getting the fish up. Within less than a minute of our first strike we had 2 more strikes and 2 more Tiagra reels scream at the top of their voices.We in the game boyz - 3 fish on
Myself and 2 crew each on with a fish and with the forth man still chumming.We all were in amazement - this chumming thing actually worked !
We all proceeding to fight our fish - fortunately we all had our harnessed on and prepared before hand so it was easy to get settled into our fish. As with murphy's law had it - all 3 fish lines tangled .We now had the risk of all being burn off. Fortunately I had during our prep talks told the guys that we will take things calm no matter what happened. Even if it means we loose the fish - we still have to stay calm and always in control of our situation.I stressed the fact that we must just communicate with each other all the time.Clearly it was evident that our pre-fishing talks helped .We were tangled up but stayed calm and communicate and the end result being we were able to untangle all lines and land all 3 fish one by one safely.The top chummer crew member was still chumming after all 3 fish was landed and pretty soon we saw the yellows on our screen and also swimming under and around the boat in the chum trail - this was a sight to behold - the fruits of our chumming labour payed off for sure .Soon #4 was hooked and boated , then # 5 was hooked and boated and finally # 6 was hooked and boated.

At 16:00 we had 6 fish boated with no boats in the vacinity near us - In our chumming trance we had not noticed that almost all the boats had left.
At this stage the fish was still feeding and in our chum line and fully visible just mere meters away from the boat - Hard for me to do at this stage but I requested my crew to up lines even though the fish was still marking and feeding well. We were 4 onboard , we have 6 fish in the hatch - our day was made .As the skipper I had to think of the 50NM back to the point and also weight vs fuel usage etc .It was my responsibility to say stop fishing even though the fish was still there and feeding - we have a long way to go home boyz !!!! So we organized ourselves and I too very reluctantly started motors and set a course for Cape Point 50NM away leaving the Tuna still there waiting to be caught.We know we can go back and catch them on another day - we will ....

About our gear - slotting this in for the newbie want to be tuna fishermen - We had Tiagra 30W , 50W and 80W - our main line class was 80lb.
I rigged up very very very simple - 80lb line with a double leader spider hitch knot - connected with - Yucatan knot to a 10m x 1.2mm leader - leader connected to fluorocarbon 1.5m leader using triple fig 8 back2back - Hook 10/0 - hook knot (the one Miles taught on the dummies guide)

After a long ride back in the dark we arrived at Cape Point at exactly 20:00 (took us 4 hours).
I could easily have run at 27 or 30 knots but I had to watch my fuel usage and hence I slowed down to a more economical speed of 20 knots. We had gone further than I had expected or planned ,however I went further out doing my fuel calculations and knowing my consumption.We arrive safely back in Simons town FBYC.

I'm still a total novice when it comes to tuna fishing and have a lot to learn - I realized that I really know nothing about tuna fishing and so much to learn . I am not new to the sea ,however there is so much to always learn from everyone.

Thank you
To all the fantastic bunch of guys on this boatfishing forum - who contributed to the success of our tuna outings.Every word of advice from bait prep , chumming, techniques, reel filling ,hooks ,tackle and all - I thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me and my crew.
Some of you have given me advice recently and some of you a while back in the past - it all now comes together
Many of the guys are on this forum - you have helped me - I will not mention all the names because I don't want to miss out anyones name ( but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ! ) - Thank you guys - I salute you all

Tight lines to you all !!!!!
On Dad for real - my dad with his first yellowfin ever
Deep burn - Vas
Yellows resting
In the hatch
Sunset with dad
phosphorescence Aft
First marks
Distance covered 143 Nm
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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by Bingo » Fri May 18, 2018 6:40 am

Great report. Lekker Tye :mrgreen:

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by Bollie » Fri May 18, 2018 9:20 am

Awesome Jerome, brilliant report and pictures, so jealous man.

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by Dave B » Fri May 18, 2018 3:11 pm

Awesome report!

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by backline » Fri May 18, 2018 5:17 pm

Nice Pics and great report Jerome, they say a picture is worth a thousand words......and some good advice nogal :D :D :D

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by qglass » Sat May 19, 2018 11:36 am


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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by willem wikkel spies » Sun May 20, 2018 6:23 pm

baie mooi en baie geluk.
lekker verslag die.

did darem moer ver ry daai!!!!

wat was die vise se gewigte, deel maar asb.

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by will101 » Thu May 24, 2018 1:11 pm

Lekker leesstof en nice pics shot jpet !

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by Skippy » Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:46 pm

That was some trip to remember.
Must have been bushed after 13 hours
Thanks for the story - really enjoyed it

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Re: Yellowfin news 2018

Post by alltimepaul » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:58 pm

Launched at Miller's yesterday morning just before 06h00. Got to the point with birds and fish everywhere , water 14deg. Put bungies out and had 20 Bonnies and 3 tail within 45min.
Decided to leave and head out to the Canyon. Sea was flat with no wind all day - beautifull.
At 41 & 16 there were 3 Stern Trawlers operating. First one nothing , Second one and it was game on ! Quickly had two ( 60 and 67kg ) on rod and one (64kg) on spear , lost 3, all before 11h00.
At one stage the TV was filled with Yellow Fin markings - there are lots of fish !!!

Thought I would share something since this thread has been DEAD for a Loooooooooooong Time.

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