Saldanha midbay Mosselvlotte

Saldanha midbay Mosselvlotte

Postby Ripper » Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:30 pm


I have been invited to stay in saldanha for a few days. (strictly fishing) The house I will stay in is in blouwaterbaai.
I mostly fish with handlines and I have a ark fishduc with a 5hp.

Now most of us know about the mosselvlotte at the stretchy reserve, but I want to ask about the vlotte (marked in red) in the middle of the baai between blouwaterbaai and the containership jetty.
Does it hold any fish, has anybody ever anchored there and got lucky? Will it hold any fish after the 30th of October? Only whitestump or other species aswell?
Does the rocks marked with blue hold any fish or too shallow?
Are there any other good spots near blouwaterbaai in the same vicinity?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Saldanha midbay Mosselvlotte

Postby Seacat » Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:12 pm

Ripper, last year December the yellow tail came inside the bay/harbour area and stayed around for quite a while. The water temperature was beween 17 - 18 degrees. We managed to get a few around those mosselvlotte in your pic. You have to spin for them so a handline is not going to work. You can also try and put a pilchard fillet out on a float. Trace under the float must be about 1.5 meters long. The yellow tail were quite finiki and not easy to catch. You have to use the right spinner on the day. There is definitely stump in the area, especially to the south of your launch spot right down into the corner where the ertskaai starts. You can also pump prawn in that corner at low tide.

The owner of the tackle shop in the main road as you enter Saldanha from Vredenburg side knows all the tricks. Chat him up and see if you can extract some info from him.

Good luck.
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