Mauritius Trip December 2019

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Mauritius Trip December 2019

Post by Darthwader » Fri Dec 13, 2019 9:28 am

Hi Guys,

I am going to Mauritius this December, a mate of mine who recently moved over there has just purchased a kitted 25Ft boat and we are hoping to get on the water a few times over the holiday.

Does anyone have any waypoints or directions to good fishing grounds around the Island? We are staying in Mont Choisy (The North) and launching out of Grand Baie.
Also, what fish should we be targeting this time of year?
I would think sailies and Dorado with the warm weather?

a trip to Soudan banks is on the cards but it seems like a really long distance steam to get there and back - I am not really sure if it is worth it.

Most of the local fisherman just pull plastics around and seem to use extremely heavy gear - I've watched some online videos of them skimming wahoo and Dorado's across the surface back to the boat with their Marlin rods.
I am hoping to fish a bit lighter (Like KZN couta fishing set-ups) with dead baits and skirts/dusters?
I have asked my mate to get some halfbeaks from the local netters and he has about 40 odd wrapped and frozen.
Does anyone have any recommendations for baits that might work?

Also, is vertical jigging allowed and does anyone know if this is productive?


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Re: Mauritius Trip December 2019

Post by Fin-S » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:51 pm

This is the time of year when billfish supposedly start arriving in numbers - although that has not been true recently.

There is occasional bycatch but it is not that common. Yellowfin, wahoo, dorado etc are around but get hammered by everyone.
Best bet is to head to the FAD's. There are several around the island - I normally fish the one off Flic en Flac but there are closer ones to the north. These are full up of skippies and generally hold something else that likes to munch on them as well. The problem with lighter gear is you never know when that big fish will show up. There is a mould of a beeg marlin in one of the hotels....

Jigging works but only in deep water or on one of the banks - shallower areas have been fished out.

It's a fun place but is no longer a first choice fishing destination.

Herewith something I wrote a few years ago - may give you some more info - apologies if names / numbers have changed.

Seeing as I am fortunate enough to visit foreign shores almost every week, I thought I would post some tips that I have found useful. Starting with Mauritius.
I have been visiting and working ad hoc here for 20 years, and seeing as it is a popular destination for us, there are many enquiries as to how and where to fish.
In short, you have three main choices.
1. Fish around your hotel. This will mainly be very early morning or at night due to the water traffic and consists of micro / small stuff fishing. There are very few fish of any size in the lagoons as the locals net and fish them extensively. I would recommend a light rod about 7-8 feet, 2000 size reel, 8 lb braid and small dropshot for the best results. I use a small squid that seems to be popular.
For individual hotels and areas, herewith a brief list:
North coast – Grand Baie, busy, touristy, club 18-30, not much fishing – more boating activity. Nice beaches and good weather.
Royal Palm or Legends (now Lux) or Paul et Virginie are recommended hotels. The best fishing in the area would be between Bassin Bernard and Bassin Goemons. Go to the public beach at the former and walk south for about 600m. Or go to the latter via car and fish from the jetty into the deeper water opposite Ile d’Ambre. On the northern coast and north west, you can fish at Point d’Azur and Pointe aux Cannoniers. Both give access to slightly deeper water but can get busy. Point d’Azur is part of a hotel, so you need to walk along the beach / rocks to get access.

West coast – North. Good weather but poor beaches – older hotels. Le Victoria is good (even great for families), others not worth it. Not bad fishing due to rocks but heavily netted by locals. There are no places that I would recommend here.

As the area around Port Louis is congested and populated and fishing is not allowed in the harbor, the next stop south would be Pointe Moyenne. This can be reached from the village of Bambous. It is a rocky beach that offers occasional trevally and lots of small grouper.

West Coast South – Best beaches and best weather around Flic en Flac. Sugar Beach, Hilton both good hotels. Poor fishing but close to Black River for best Marlin boats. The best shore bet here would be to walk south past the Sands and fish the entrance to Tamarin bay. Spinning would be better than dropshot as you need to get a fair distance.

From Tamarin down to Le Morne there are few spots worth trying. Most of the area is protected by a reef (except Black River) and whilst it looks fishy it has been heavily exploited.

Le Morne – Good beaches, great kitesurfing, afternoon rain due to mountain – limited fishing. Looks good on the flats but I have not had much success. Good hotels are Paradis and Dinarobin. I did catch some bones here a few years ago close to Ilot Forneau. In fact, this makes a nice day trip, catch a boat over and stay for the day on the island.

South Coast, can be windy and a bit rough but best fishing between Baie du Cap and Souillac. Heritage, Le Telfair are good resorts and Moevenpick. Riviere des Galets offers good fishing.

South East can be very good but limited in hotels – only Shandrani which is old and due for a refurb and Blue Bay. The area from Souillac to Blue Bay offers the best land fishing on the island as there is no reef. See option 3 below for more details.

East coast – can be the windiest but on good days is really good. Belle mer Plage, Le Tousserok, Four Seasons all excellent hotels as is Le St Geran. Fishing can be quite good especially off the beaten track.
From the airport heading north, the first spot would be the jetty just to the north of Grand Port.
If you can get a decent price at Le Prince Maurice, this is one of the best hotels and has a private lagoon – supposed to be fly fishing only but I have not been stopped when spinning. Good trevally (blue and giant) and bonefish.
There is a guide here Pascal +2302566626 who has a small boat. Expensive but may be able to give you some tips on where else to try.
Also on the East coast in the Isle Cerfs lagoon is an area known as the waterfalls, good barracuda fishing.

2. Bite the bullet and go on a charter boat. Don’t bother with the hotel ones, go to Black River and book JP Henry Charters, boat Moana 2. Best boats and best location by far. Good skippers, good tackle and if the fish are around, these guys will give you a good shot. About R8000 for a full day. The only thing you should take (apart from suncream etc) is a small rod for catching skippies. If the big stuff is not around, having fun with 20lb braid and 4000 size reel at least keeps you busy. Also bear in mind Mauritius is still hook and cook land. Make it very sure at the beginning of the charter if you want a fish for the pot or if you want to release.

3. Take a trip to the south and fish the unexplored / off the beaten track areas. This is much more like the Mauritius of old. I recently took a week off and walked and fished the entire South coast, from Blue Bay to Le Morne. We managed 6 different trevally species up to 20kg, plenty of barracuda, loads of reef fish, plenty of grouper and even hooked a small marlin off the ledges by Riviere des Anguilles.

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