Smart Tabs?

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Smart Tabs?

Post by Bacon » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:18 am

Good morning to all,

I have visiting this forum for a while but this is my first post...

Firstly, thanks for a great site - I look forward to learning a lot from you guys.

I currently own a 16.7ft Voyager with 2 (old) 55hp Yamahas. The setup is used for freshwater LTB fishing and currently ticks off most of my requirements.


The 55's are a little short on power if we have an exceptional fishing day...(250kg of fish). My first trip to Bloemhof dam resulted in us just being able to get the boat on plane...
Being new to this type of angling, I did well but would expect that my catches increase as I gain experience.

Now I understand that upgrading to larger motors would probably be the best solution but I first want to do a couple of other things, as well as confirm that I will be sticking to this, before forking out R60k for bigger motors.

So my question: are Smart tabs worth looking at for a 1-2 year short term solution? Once I have found my feet in the LTB game I can then look at upgrading my motors/boat if necessary.

Considering that I would potentially only experience problems 2/6 competitions, I am happy to fork out R3k and treat the symptoms for the interim...

Any pro's/cons will be appreciated.


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Re: Smart Tabs?

Post by Miles » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:50 pm


First question, what size props are on the boat?

I would start by lowering the prop size. If you have 17p props, go to 15p props, or if you have 15p props, go to 13p props. Props usually work is 2 size increments and are usually odd numbered, ie. 11p, 13p, 15p, 17p, etc.

By going down a prop size, you will gain considerably more bottom end power, but you will lose top end performance. Best bet is to try and borrow 2 props and test them.......

Your boat should really not struggle with that load with those motors. Are your motors in good running condition? Have the compression tested. Is the props in good condition, ie. blades are not bent or chipped or broken. Is your props bushings ok? Does the motor over rev and the boat goes nowhere? is your motors set-up correctly? Does your motors have trim and tilt? If not, what pin setting is the motor set on......

All of the above will have a PROFOUND effect on your vessels performance.

Post some photos so that we can see if there is any glaringly obvious issues!!

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