Yamaha 150AET (2 stroke)

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Yamaha 150AET (2 stroke)

Post by Thomaszanzibar » Fri May 28, 2021 1:06 pm

Hi guys,

looking for some info on the Yamaha 150AET 2 stroke engines.
We are looking to motorize a 8.8m 2.75m monohull which weighs 1500kg empty.
Since we live on Zanzibar and the knowledge about 4 stroke engines is about 0, we consider the old 2 stroke yamaha. Don't want to end up flying in mechanics from SA..
Can somebody give me an idea of fuel consumption of a twin set up of 150s on this specific boat?
Maybe even a comparison with the 150s 4 stroke?
New price difference will be around $17.000 on 2 engines. So with the petrol price here at $1 there are some liters to catch up I guess..
Lookong forward to your feedback.



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