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Postby FishExcutnr » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:50 am

Otherwise talica 25.. Originally wanted a 50 but that thing is way to big. Look I love tiagras. They work perfectly but look overseas. Thanks to super braids and rod design/components guys are fishing much smaller reels with higher drag on lighter more powerful rods. Look at shimano new standup rods all geared for braid backing and smaller reels. So no need for a 50wlrs on a broomstick anymore. When you can do the same with more fun with smaller as powerful tackle. Talking recreational here. A big wide spool is always gonna have a torque advantage. But guys laning 300lb cows overseas on raptors etc we don't even see fish that size.
only weigh it when it does not fit in the box
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Re: Tackle for Marlin

Postby JohanV » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:17 am

FishExcutnr wrote:Yeah johanv that's the one. Where where u fondling it? Price in rands pls? That's gonna be my new baiting reel. Plenty power, good low range huge drag and capacity with hollowcore excellent.

It was with Nick where I bought my Phenix rod. Best to sms him 073 536 3204 Based in Westlake. He imports from the states. That reel was part of a combo (think he said R6500 for reel) for R10k which included braid, topshot, nice rod, covers and lures.

Unless it shoots straight, it is like Zohkos. Pretty perhaps, but not of much use.
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Re: Tackle for Marlin

Postby nicos » Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:16 pm

If I may add my 2c...

In the end it depends on what fishing you will do most often. If you are keen to target marlin, *and* big yellowfin tuna, I suggest you go straight for the Tiagra. While I am sure you can use 30's for stripes and be fine most of the time, and 80kg yellowfin or bigger blue or black marlin might give you a hiding.

Personally, we have two sets depending on what we are targeting and how we are fishing.

Our 50lb setups are Tyrnos 50's, straight 50lb mono - great for stripes and most if not all tuna.
Our 80lb setups are Tiagra 50w's with 80lb braid and about 200m 80lb mono topping, upgraded drag (although I am sure the standard drag is fine) - very few things you cannot land with these. These are also our go to when we are fishing live baits for marlin.

But we tend to fish in comps where line class is important, and you need to get the smaller fish to the boat quickly so you can get your lines back in the water. I also like fishing standup, and once you get to an 80w or bigger that's not so lekker for standup.

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Re: Tackle for Marlin

Postby christiaandiver » Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:48 am

Thanks Nicos , will have a look at the Tyrnos reel also think im going to go the 2 sets of tackle one set for tuna and a dedicated set for Marlin
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