Lure selection and hook rig setup

Re: Lure selection and hook rig setup

Postby FishExcutnr » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:10 am

Hey Tim! thanks mate!!, as usual and Ruan thanks for the info. Yeah its all on my access to lures and how keen the boss man is on marlin. Will have to see!

Really is a fantastic facet of the sport billfishing, I'm mean some of the lure are to die for! i am a BB fan, used them on both previous big boats i have worked on, had a lot of success on blacks from sri lanka and in the bay of bengal on moldcraft lures of well, the wide range. Think its an awesome lure cus often i can't dictate speed caring from 5 to 14 knots, plus tuna love them as well.

i want one of those tomahawk black trendkills!!!, those slant heads look awesome.

I have not fished struis for marlin so i am unsure of bait access but what about more time fishing it like Cape Point Tim, where you have had success on the blacks using live bait? Than also how often is the drop back method used with stripes of struis???

Megalodon is getting a set of out riggers and luna tubes while I'm away :D :D
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Re: Lure selection and hook rig setup

Postby Machann » Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:27 am

Hi Justin

Yes, a few captain recon and rate the Moldcraft wide range, also a easy lure to swim.

I must admit that I will always make way for a marlinstar tomahawk on the long rigger.

Justin, I know about one marlin that was caught on livebait from Struisbaai, that was the record (not sure what record but think it is SA or all African record) stripe marlin by Trail Whitten and bait used was a small yellowtail. Although this doesn't sound good I feel that there is massive potential for livebait fishing if you know the fish is there. I know about numerous accounts where yellowtail got stolen by marlin. I think Sunseeker also picked up a marlin between the yellowtail fishermann one day on a tail. We had a sleep over on the Alphards one night on Osprey. We were anchored and Koos put out a live mackerel on Toruim 30 on light leader. Something took the bait and he started reeling in slowly and as he set the hook the marlin started jumping. We couldn't get the anchor up and lost the fish. We up scaled to a 80lb and not 5 min after we set the mackerel "free" :lol: , the same thing happened. The five jump a few times and shook the hook. If you catch them on lures, you will surely get them on livebait.
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Re: Lure selection and hook rig setup

Postby rory » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:05 am

one must take into account a hook lock is useless if you are not using a keel weighted lure like a bahama or simular
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