Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

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Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

Post by phyllisfarland »

Planning to build a Fishing Boat using solar equipment in order to prevent battery draining in unfortunate time. I had to deal with the batteries which were been charged by the electricity. They were draining fast if wanted to used them hole night in camping to fish. I know that Solar power can be used in the fishing boats to make it either completely powered by the sun (independent of any other energy sources) or partially powered by the sun. Have no much knowledge than this.

Planning to buy the equipment that can be used in order to install Lights, Cameras, An electric stove and a Cute light to the small shed of my darling rosy(puppy).

I went through some websites to know the available equipment of solar energy like Magesolar, Walmart, Target Corp, Amazon and more. But I can't decide them to buy bcoz whether they are selling good or not. And also I am not knowing the prices. Please someone make me clear on this.

Waiting for your good sugestions. :) :)
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Re: Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

Post by FishExcutnr »

solar will only allow an additional charging of your battery bank. looking at like 50ah per panel per day if you lucky. the more panels the better. as far as i know they not cheap!
in the end you need the battery bank in the first place.

Rather invest in 2/3 x 130ah deep cycle batteries as your house, than one high/cold crank as your start. With a battery management system that takes power off a high output alternator only once the crank battery is 100% and never allows crank to run low. just a voltage relay system.

also you can figure out your total ah draw in the period and make your battery bank big enough to sustain the load for the time period without running them low. Eventually you will need to either run a genset or run the outboard to charge.

also installing a 220 smart charger for when the boat is parked near AC power means your battery bank will be full for your trip not relying on the outboard/inboards alternator initially.

only weigh it when it does not fit in the box
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Re: Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

Post by MichaelK »

solar panels will obviously only charge during the daytime and discharge the batteries at night when fishing.

Just a thought, how about looking into a small 12V wind turbine. That will provide power to the batteries day and night???
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Re: Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

Post by Necrovis »

Definitely first figure out what your overall current draw will be.

Solar will only replenish power during daylight time, so it might be irrelevant for being stationary at night but you'll be traveling by day or maybe have an alternative charging source for when you're at mooring (Also with a good smart charger)

What you could do is, have a different bank running your accessories on the boat not affecting you cranking battery. Worst case scenario is the batteries are dead, but at least you still have your cranking batteries to get the motors running.
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Re: Using Solar Energy In Fishing Boats

Post by clinton »

That electric stove s going to be a big no no. Elements especially a stove will draw way more than what you are thinking. LED lights, the odd fan maybe a small TV yes but then your initial outlay for the battery bank and wiring not to mention the panels are going to be the deciding factor. I did a rough estimate a few years ago and even with excluding a stove (went for gas) having a small set up running basics at a pinch I was looking at R60k-R80k. Few years back I worked in the Kalahari solar pumps and fencing so have a little idea of systems also set up a few home set ups for temp housing and it is doable but needs a fat wallet. PIty solar is so expensive!!!
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