Winter fishing in the Breede possible?

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Winter fishing in the Breede possible?

Post by Rudolph »

Hi guys, ive been fishing in the Breede for some 5 years during various stages of the summer months with varying degrees of sucess based on the baits I use and "voerplek".

Ive only been able to get some time off in the Winter this year though, and was wondering if some kind of good fishing would be possible up at Malgas during the June/July months?

It doesn't have to be any fancy leeries or Kob, some Barbel or Carp would also do the trick.

So I eagerly await some responses and thought from you guys that have more experience fishing the Breede. What baits do you recommend and what times of the day/tide?

Much appreciated thanks. (By the way the bait I always use is frozen sardines it has caught me loads of large fish at Malgas).
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