Mariner 40 hp 2 stroke 2 cylinder issues

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Mariner 40 hp 2 stroke 2 cylinder issues

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Good evening,
I'm new to the forum, but have read a lot on all sorts.
I just bought a 5m Gemini wave rider with 2x 40hp Mariner 2T 2 cylinder 2000 models I believe.
Both engines ran and tested on the water, we came back from testing and flushed the motors and all was good no signs of issue's.
We wanted to go fishing and got all the boating things sorted and loaded. Bought fuel and set to go.
The last thing I did was drop the motors in a drum of water and Port motor started on the button.
Starbord motor swings, but no spark on any cylinder.
We have done the following to test, and I hope we have missed something basic, because I'm at the point of giving up and scrapping the boat.

We swopped rectifier regulator
We swopped stator
We swopped signaler
We swopped coils
We swopped flywheels
We replaced spark plugs
We by passed the loom from controlbox to motor
We swopped looms from port to starboard engines

I'm at my wits end and ready to give up on these Mariners.

What am I missing on these outbords electronics.

Any help would be great.

Thx D
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